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WillowGrove Pharmacy is an innovative, European-style pharmacy focusing on medicinal and complementary products that benefit a person’s health and wellness. We offer an expanding selection of vitamin, herbal, homeopathic and nutritional choices. We are community oriented and strive to be the healthy choice in our local area.





You're special to us and not just a number, but rather a name... YOUR name.



  • free medication reviews, herbal consults & drug interaction checks with the filling of your prescriptions with us as well as convenient medication pill packaging
  • minor ailment prescribing
  • flu and other injections
  • natural health supplements such as Natural Factors, Bell, Flora, Nature's Way, Healthology, Naka, New Roots, NOW, Prairie Naturals, Purica, Assured Naturals, Health First and many others
  • compression stocking measurements
  • mobility and stability safety aids
  • wheelchair, knee scooter & transport chair rentals


24 Hour On Call Service for Regular Prescription Customers


We deliver on service, but also your prescriptions and other pharmacy items right to your door!


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